About us

We are a religious tourism company made up of motivated, visionary and energetic professionals who are fully involved in our mission. We specialize in planning, organizing, and coordinating tourism for religious groups and pilgrimages, retreats, and other religious events.

Our Mission

Provide our pilgrims with exclusive and personalized attention, with the services necessary to carry out “Spiritual Retreats”, achieving an encounter with the Lord and impacting their lives forever.


All of our programs also include full travel insurance for each person that covers: trip cancellation, medical expenses due to illness or accident, loss of luggage, emergency transportation, dental or medical emergencies and connection losses

Spiritual guides

Our spirit guides will make your experience unforgettable as we work with priests, coordinators, deacons, speakers, and spirit guides to help you enhance your experience with God.


We are responsible for protecting our clients against any negligence or error.

Custom Vacations

We carry out “personalized” trips to satisfy the client’s needs: group trips, family trips, the elderly, dietary needs, etc.

Affordable Prices

Affordable prices, adapting to the economic needs of our clients.